challenges PowerPoint with collaborative presentations

By Ali Hammad Baig on 9:14 PM

Filed Under: ,, Adobe’s website of free office software, is unveiling a new tool today that marks the site’s early steps towards competing with PowerPoint, the ubiquitous presentation-making in Microsoft Office. As a part of Labs, Presentations is still in early testing mode, with many features still to come. But judging from the demonstration that Adobe’s Erik Larson gave me last week (including a presentation made in Presentations, naturally), there’s a solid core for Adobe to build around.

I haven’t actually used Presentations yet, but I have tried out other products like the Buzzword word processor. The tools are built for the web, using Adobe’s Flash format, meaning that they’re genuinely beautiful, and have a decent set of features, but also enable online collaboration. In comparison, Google Docs and related services feel a bit bare-bones, while the web version of Microsoft Office won’t come until the release of Office 2010. Larson says that since launched publicly a little less than a year ago, it has acquired 4 million registered users, with 100,000 more signing up each week.

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