How to open a websit with one click

By Ali Hammad Baig on 2:23 AM

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Are you bored typing the same URL again and again? Or are you annoyed of finding a bookmarked URL from a list of one thousand bookmarks? Is there an easy way to open my favorite website?

Yup, there is a one click solution to this situation. You can assign Tags to the bookmarked links and type those tags in the address bar and voila, you got your favorite website in front of you.

Follow these steps to get the work done.

1- Open Firefox
2- Just as an example, we want to bookmark So open this website first.
2- Now we will bookmark it, but slightly different :).

While bookmarking the link provide one or more tags. For my website, I provided these tags "gb", "geek", "brigade","geek brigade".

3- Next time you don't need to provide the full URL, just type in the tag in address bar

and there you go, your link will open. You can type any one of the tags.

Note: I have noticed that if you have already bookmarked something, the tags may not work

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