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By Ali Hammad Baig on 12:13 AM

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Well, here we go again... it appears the Canonical just uploaded some new and very nice desktop themes for the upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) operating system, in order to please their devoted users. Softpedia is once again the first website to offer you a preview of the new artwork, which will probably be present in the final release of Ubuntu 9.04.

OK, so... long story short, it looks like there's a new package (see the end notes for d
etails) named gnome-themes-ubuntu, which contains three of the most popular, community created GNOME themes: Dust, Dust Sand and New Wave. However, none of the new themes is set as default... yet! Without further introduction, here are the new themes...

Read the full story at Softbedia

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