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By Ali Hammad Baig on 12:34 AM

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How many times you wanted to resize hundred of your pictures at the same time and you came up with some stupid solutions.

But now you can resize multiple picture at the same time with the help of Resize My Photos. Resize My Photos is a freeware utility for resizing JPEG images. With very easy interface and useful functionalities like drag and drop photos into the application for resizing it will certainly interest you. The application offers features like setting the quality of the resized image, setting the new size manually and also adding custom prefix to all the resized images.

Resize My Photos

Features of Resize My Photos;

  • Resize multiple JPEG files at once (batch resizing)
  • Supports selecting folders or files
  • Resize images by limiting the longest edge (fit to a box), height or width
  • Add a prefix or suffix for output images
  • Manually set output directory or use the same directory as original files
  • Set image quality for resized images
  • Open images or folders by dragging and dropping them from Windows Explorer to Resize My Photos (or on a shortcut)
  • Open images or folders by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer context-menu
  • Asks user for confirmation before any files are overwritten

Download Resize My Photos

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