Where Should You Host Your Videos?

By Ali Hammad Baig on 2:38 PM

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Following are some options where you can upload your videos.

1. Pixorial:

With this service you can digitize your old VHS or any type of home videos, eidt them online and then you can also share your videos. It is a service geared towards customers with boxes of old home videos of many formats who want to preserve those memories online. Users can either upload videos directly from their computers (free up to 10 GB) or mail in their old VHS or Betamax tapes to Pixorial’s headquarters for high-quality transfer to the web. Afterwards, customers can edit their videos online and then order relatively well-priced products (DVDs, downloads, etc.) from the site. I think it would be useful for people with a lot of old videos they want to keep, but the videos are getting old and/or taking up too much space.

2. Viddler:

This video-sharing site advertises itself as a hosting site for both personal and professional videos. Viddler has several different price plans depending on your video needs, but some reviews have found the site to be simple and clear to use for the average videographer, unless you’re looking for a lot of attention.

3. Vimeo:

At first glance, Vimeo’s site makes it look like the video version of Twitter. Well, Vimeo is a good place for those who really want to share their videos in a social environment with a lot of online tools available as well. Video quality is relatively good too, with the option of HD at a resolution of 1280×720 as well. And while its communal, you can still control who sees your videos if you don’t want all of them public.

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