Thinnest Bluetooth Powered Keyboard From Microsoft

By Ali Hammad Baig on 3:03 AM

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icrosoft announced today its thinnest keyboard dubbed "Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000", which if you didn't notice in the name is designed exclusively for Bluetooth enabled PC's. The keyboard itself is just a few millimeters thicker than an AAA battery, with Microsoft's Comfort Curve design for a more natural wrist posture when typing.

Check it out:

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"The design tenets of compact, clean and refined really set the stage for the success of the keyboard," said Chris Kujawski, industrial designer for Microsoft Hardware. "There is nothing extraneous about the design. We removed everything that didn't fit with those ideas and ended up with something we're really proud of — a compact, sophisticated keyboard that pairs perfectly with Bluetooth computers."

According to Microsoft's press release, one of the top consumer complaints when using a notebook of a netbook is the lack of a number pad. So Microsoft has shipped a stand-alone Bluetooth powered number pad as well as a carrying case with the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000.

The keyboard will be available in October of this year with an estimated retail price of $89.96 for both the keyboard and number pad, and $44.95 for the number pad itself. Both are backed by a worldwide three year limited hardware warranty from Microsoft.

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